The sole mainland UK distributor for


The sole mainland UK distributor for


Welcome to the home of innovative pig and poultry equipment.

We are the sole mainland UK distributor for the Big Dutchman range of pig and poultry equipment.

Our aim is to provide equipment solutions which are environmentally friendly and highly efficient. It is very important to provide the optimum environment for the animals to enable them to meet their maximum potential. This is achieved using high quality products designed to meet both their needs and your own.

Our systems have different levels of automation. This can be a great aid to the stock person as well as improving the efficiency of the unit. For laying birds for example we are able to automate everything from simply the feeding times of the birds to ensuring the eggs arrive at the packing station on time, thus avoiding costly delays.

Big Dutchman design equipment for longevity and with their vast experience have provided systems for many years which have achieved least cost production and minimal repair and maintenance. We strongly believe the lifetime cost of the system should be the driving force behind such an important purchase decision.

In essence for least cost long term production Big Dutchman and Newquip would be the ideal partner for you and your business.

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