Egg Production

Our complete line of egg production equipment includes multi tier system, manure management, feeding solutions, egg collection, lighting and environmental products. 

We are market leader both in terms of volume of birds house and quality of equipment due to our innovation and expertise. 

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LED Lighting

Professional LED lighting Efficient and durable LED solutions for your poultry...

Wall Fans

High air performance and low energy consumption. The wall fans offered...

ViperTouch Climate and production computer

The newest generation climate and production computer for poultry growing and...

Vento Climate Computer

The easy-to-use climate computer for livestock production Vento is a climate...


The base for hygienic feed storage. Big Dutchman offers high-quality silos...

RainMaker Pad Cooling System

The ideal cooling system for poultry houses in regions with hot...


Enrichment and natural wearing of the beak Poultry farmers, as well...

OptiSec Manure Drying Tunnel

Optimal drying of manure, high capacity, cost-efficient solution OptiSec is a...


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