Pig Production

Our complete product range for modern indoor pig production comprises solutions for all kinds of production, from breeding and rearing, to finishing. As part of our service, we tailor our equipment to meet the specific requirements of the individual customer whilst offering the best possible and most up-to-date advice. As such, our solutions vary from simple systems to high-tech computer-controlled versions. Aside from our production systems, we also offer a range of different dry and liquid feeding and drinking systems, complete with optimum climate control, innovative lighting systems, intelligent exhaust air treatment equipment, and residue treatment systems. Hardware and software for pig house, farm or multisite operations round off our extensive product portfolio. Take a look through our brochures to see what we can offer.


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Xaletto Straw Bedding System

Our customers need pig equipment and pig feeding systems that reliably...

Wall Fans

High air performance and low energy consumption. The wall fans offered...

Waiting Area

Modern housing systems for pregnant sows. Group housing of sows improves...

Vento Climate Computer

The easy-to-use climate computer for livestock production. Vento is a climate...


The tube system for a homogeneous feed mix all the way...

TriSort Pro Pig Sorting Scale

Automatic sorting scale for successful pig finishing. With Big Dutchman‘s automatic...


The base for hygienic feed storage. Big Dutchman offers high-quality silos...

SiloCheck Pro Silo Weighing

Registering and monitoring silo contents.


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