Poultry Growing

Our integrated product range for modern poultry growing includes solutions for all areas of production from rearing to breeders to fattening.

As part of our exceptional service, we tailor our solutions to the specific requirements of the individual customer whilst also offering the best up-to-date advice. As such we offer solutions from simple systems, through to high tech computer-controlled systems. As part of our production range, we offer nests and slats for breeders and a wide selection of feeding and drinking systems which are complimented by equipment for optimum climate control, innovative lighting systems and intelligent exhaust air treatment equipment. Our hardware and software allows complete management for a single house through whole farms to multisite operations. Take a look through our brochures to see what we can offer.


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ReproMatic & FluxxBreeder Feeding system

The feeding system developed specifically for broiler breeders ReproMatic is a...

RainMaker Pad Cooling System

The ideal cooling system for poultry houses in regions with hot...

Pollo-M Exhaust Air Washer

The certified exhaust air washer for broiler houses Pollo-M is a...

Pekino Cup Drinker

The cup drinker for ducks Pekino is a drinker for ducks...

OptiSec Manure Drying Tunnel

Optimal drying of manure, high capacity, cost-efficient solution OptiSec is a...

OptiPlate Steel Plate Drying System

Optimal drying of manure, compact design, installation at gable possible OptiPlate...

NH3 Sensor DOL 53

The first NH3 sensor for continuous measuring of the ammonia concentration...

Nest and Manure Pit

With Relax, Colony 2+, NXB and a hand gathering nest, we...


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