SANOVO GraderPro 75

SANOVO GraderPro 75

High-end next-generation egg grader, based on state-of-the-art egg grading technology. Full efficiency, highest food safety standards, maximum hygienic design. “Every egg has a tag”.

The GraderPro 75 runs up to 27,000 eggs per hour (75 cases/hour) and is the lowest capacity model in the GraderPro series with single egg traceability.

Full traceability – Track your eggs individually for adding value to your partners and consumers down the value chain. In today’s egg world food safety is in increasing demand and with the GraderPro you can provide valuable data from the farm to the end consumer.

Maximum hygiene – The design of the machine ensures that all the necessary parts are completely washable and FCM-approved (declaration of compliance). Optionally, you can select the brand new SANOVO Cascade washer to save even more cleaning time.

High efficiency – Plenty of design improvements lead to the highest possible efficiency. Like the end release of the machine frame, making it possible to run the GraderPro at full speed even if the packing lanes are full. Or the re-design of the main track alongside the new no-side-impact technology, which lets the GraderPro run with a reduced track speed of up to 25% compared to other manufactures. Smart and intelligent design for every grading business.

Advantages at a glance:

Off-line/in-line supply of eggs or both, the GraderPro can be configured to operate with eggs coming directly from the layer houses or from trays and loaded by a loader to the SANOVO GraderPro.

From the first detection system in the grader, the software tracks every single egg until packed in the carton.

The very robust and well-proven weighing will serve you efficiently for many years. Everything is washable and easy to clean.

Robust and smart design; designed with no moving parts. The system ensures minimum maintenance costs and at the same time ensures your eggs are perfectly orientated.

Very gentle handling of the eggs because track speed is reduced up to 25% compared to other machines in the market. All eggs are treated very gently, thus giving a high yield of your investment.

Placed at the beginning of the main track optional for all the machines. It is very accessible and easy to clean. With zero measurement for each egg to compensate for outside light and the individual colour of the egg.

With the little footprint and adjusts to every pack individually. High operation reliability even with poor packaging.

The cascades have a high buffer capacity, which eliminates operational stops of the packing lanes.

The end release of the machine frame makes it possible to run the grader on full speed. The single track GraderPro's have the possibility to assign two weight categories to the end release.

The GraderPro series have multiple UVC solutions. UVC over the incoming egg trace or over the transporter. This last solution helps reduce bacteria count on the incoming and the contact materials of the machine.

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