ActiWel Variable-Restraint Pen

ActiWel Variable-Restraint Pen

The variable-restraint pen with farrowing frame.

With ActiWel, we have developed a special variable-restraint pen that provides ideal conditions for the so wand her piglets in their first weeks of life as well as much to room to move about. The pen consists of a farrowing frame, a heated resting area or piglet nest, the flooring and the pen partition.

Arrangements either parallel to the aisle or straight, with the sow’s head against the wall, are possible. Both versions only require very low partitions, thus providing a good overview of the room and easy access to the pens. There is also sufficient space to feed the piglets outside of their creep. Recommended dimensions of the pen are 2.40 m x 2.80 m.

During farrowing and the first days of life, the farrowing frame may remain closed.

Advantages at a glance:

Easy to open: the farrowing frame is very easy to open and to close in just four steps. The staff do not have to enter the sow area, which makes handling even more comfortable.

The specially designed door of the farrowing frame provides easy access to assist the sow during farrowing.

The sides of the farrowing frame help protect the piglets from overlying.

High workplace safety because all opening and fixing points are located away from the sow.

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