AirProTec PRRS Fresh Air Filter

AirProTec PRRS Fresh Air Filter

PRRS fresh air filter for healthy stock.

Helping you maintain healthy stock is important to Big Dutchman. Our experts have therefore collaborated with climate technology specialists and other experienced experts to develop a fresh air filter which reliably prevents PRRS viruses from entering the house via the fresh air. PRRS stands for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome – relating to the pig, to reproduction and respiration. It is a disease responsible for some of the highest economic losses in global pig production.

In particular, breeding companies, multi­pliers and centres for artificial insemination must make sure that they maintain a negative PRRS status. Breeders producing larger numbers of piglets will also benefit from the filter as piglets not infected with PRRS fetch higher prices when sold. In addition to a good hygiene on the farm, transmission between farms must be pre­vented. The virus is also transmitted via the air, which can cause problems particularly in regions with a large livestock density. With AirProTec®, Big Dutchman offers an efficient fresh air filter which significantly reduces the introduction of PRRS viruses – by up to 95 percent! This is a major advantage. Depending on the method of fresh air distribution, there are several models available: APT 20000, APT 10000 and APT 1500.

AirProTec PRRS Fresh Air Filter

Advantages at a glance:

Introduction of the PRRS virus via the fresh air can be reduced by up to 95 percent.

Livestock not infected with PRRS show a better biological performance.

Less secondary infections in piglet rearing and pig finishing reduce the amount of required medication.

Different AirProTec models are available, depending on the conditions on the farm and the type of fresh air distribution system.

If requested, the fresh air can be cooled simultaneously (only available for APT 20 000 and APT 10 000).

Specially developed filter cassettes are easy to replace.

Low maintenance requirements.

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