Augermatic Feeding System

Augermatic Feeding System

The feeding system for successful poultry growing

A feeding system for poulty growing must meet very high standards – depending on feed distribution (ad libitum or controlled feeding) and age and type of birds. The system has to satisfy the needs of day-olds as well as those of heavy birds. Easy access to the feed and avoidance of feed wastage are of great importance.

To meet these requirements the best possible way, we offer our customers a variety of feed pans that can all be filled with feed by means of the renowned AugerMatic conveying system:

  • BigPan 330
  • BigPan Plus
  • MultiPan
  • MultiPan Plus

Big Pan 330

Augermatic Feeding System

Advantages at a glance:

The well-proven feed pan for broiler growing.

Screwless snap-on system → simple and easy to assemble.

Pan either swinging freely or fixed to the pipe → always animal friendly.

Sliding shut-off → to close the pan.

Smooth shape of rim → avoids breast bruising during finishing period.

Pan can be flooded for day-old chicks simply by spinning → no extra work for adjusting the feed level.

Pan rim curved to the inside → prevents feed wastage.

Hinged-type pan bottom → easy to clean.

V-shaped pan bottom is seated deeply in the litter → ideal for day-olds.

Big Pan Plus

Augermatic Feeding System

Advantages at a glance:

For controlled growing of broilers and rearing of ducks.

Especially birds of more than 2 kg live weight can receive controlled feeding today. In this way, the development of the cardio-vascular system and the skeleton can keep pace with the increase in weight. An essential prerequisite for controlled feeding is that the feeding system distributes the feed rapidly throughout the entire house upon each feeding time.

AugerMatic with BigPan Plus is ideally suited for this purpose. The volume reducing insert in combination with the sectional dish reduces the feed volume by approx. 2 /3. This allows filling the pans of one line with feed very rapidly.

Less damage to the skeleton, less leg and foot problems.

Improved feed conversion due to smaller fat deposits and lower mortality rate.

Precise attainment of the bird weights desired for the day of slaughter.

MultiPan and MultiPan Plus

Advantages at a glance:

Flexible feed pans for rearing and growing.

Do you want to face the changing requirements of the poultry meat market and be flexible in reacting to these requirements? Then you should choose Big Dutchman MultiPan or MultiPan Plus feeders. These feed pans were specially designed for alternative growing of broilers, turkeys, ducks and other growing poultry (guinea fowl, pheasants, geese) up to a live weight of 12 kg.

Depending on the type of bird and feeding (ad-libitum or controlled), MultiPan or MultiPan Plus is the right pan for your house. For growing poultry up to approx. 2.5 kg live weight as well as for rearing turkeys and ducks, the pans are used without feed-saving lip. From a live weight of approx. 2.5 kg upwards, the lip can be installed to minimise feed losses.

Automatic Chain Feeding

Augermatic Feeding System

Advantages at a glance:

For modern poultry production.

Big Dutchman introduced the world‘s first automatic chain feeding system as early as 1938. Daily hand-feeding of the flock was very time-consuming, triggering the idea of an automatic feeder system: A new era dawned for the poultry industry. Thanks to its robust and simple principle, the chain feeding system has proved itself a million times over. The basic concept – feed hopper, drive unit, corner, trough and the CHAMPION feed chain – has remained unchanged.

The entire system, however, is continuously being improved and adapted to today’s requirements for modern poultry production. The Big Dutchman feed chain CHAMPION can be used for any type of production, including layer breeders kept in cages, pullets from their first day of life and laying hens. The chain also feeds broiler breeders reared on the floor and is furthermore a great option in alternative egg production.

Different conveying speeds of 12, 18 or 36 m/min, depending on the requirements.

High conveying capacity of up to 1.5 t/h reduces the number of feedings.

Any type of feed can be used, e.g mash, pellets and crumbles.

The feed is distributed uniformly and reliably, i.e. all birds receive the same amount and quality of feed, with minimum feed losses.

Controlled or ad libitum feeding are both possible, depending on the demand.

The feed level in the trough can be adjusted with the feed level slide.

The shape of the trough guarantees sufficient space for all birds: birds can feed from both sides without stress.

The system can be suspended or installed on legs for floor management.

Cost-efficient feeding system.

Simple, thorough cleaning.

Low labour and maintenance requirements.

Robust system, long service life.

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