Augers and spirals for feed transport

Augers and spirals for feed transport

With Big Dutchman conveying systems, your feed – be it meal, pellets or crumbles – passes from the silo into the house safely and without any loss of quality. We offer augers and spirals in a variety of sizes. For conveying capacities of up to 4.5 t/h, spirals are used.

For even higher capacities or pitches of up to 75°, an auger is the ideal option. In exceptional circumstances, even pitches of up to 90° can be carried out (max. length of auger in this case: 10 m).

Augers and spirals for feed transport

Advantages at a glance:

Our FlexVey conveying spiral consists of high-quality and extremely flexible spring steel.

Feed can be transported into the house around bends of up to 90° safely, quickly and without being separated.

Good conveying capacity.

Completely closed conveying system.

Universal application.

Fast and easy assembly.

Can be driven by means of a V-belt motor or a gear motor.

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