Bagging Units Copy

Bagging Units Copy

Bagging Units are used for the dosing and packaging of compound feeds, premixtures or mineral feeds. The goods to be packaged are uniformly conveyed with a screw feeder into a bagging scale, where units from 2 to 60 kg can be weighed with 0.05-kg division. Due to preset index values for fine-coarse dosing, the frequency is switched from a higher to a lower value by a frequency converter. When the index weight is reached, the dosing valve of the screw feeder is closed by means of a pneumatic cylinder and the drive is switched off. Then the bag to be filled is attached to the bagging funnel of the unit, which is equipped with a bag clamp. After filling, the bag can be moved on by means of a belt conveyor (conveying distance approx. 3 m) to where it will be closed on top with a hand-held stitching machine. The control of the unit is included in the delivery. The performance of the unit depends on the operator.

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