BigFarmNet management and control system

BigFarmNet management and control system

Pigs may not need computers, but your farm probably does not work efficiently without support from digital devices. BigFarmNet is a unique management and control software, which helps to make digitalisation easy, fast and secure – and your farm more profitable.

BigFarmNet unites all applications on your farm in one software and one database, allowing you to easily manage multiple aspects of your farm from a PC or tablet device.

BigFarmNet management and control system

Advantages at a glance:

The system always stays up-to-date, meaning that you can keep track of everything

One software unites all applications, including feeding stations, sorting scales, climate and more.

Your entire production is recorded in one single software, which also means that all systems are backed up automatically and all alarms are managed centrally.

Improve your production results by using efficient analysis tools, and save time and avoid errors thanks to optimised processes.

Benefit from the fact that all BigFarmNet applications are thoroughly tested in the field and continuously further developed.

It does not matter whether you have a large farm complex or a smaller, family-owned farm: BigFarmNet meets any requirement and grows with your needs.

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