Cell disruption of maize silage with the PEF System

Cell disruption of maize silage with the PEF System

Making maize silage digestible for pigs!

The new PEF system developed by Big Dutchman allows farm managers to feed their pigs maize silage! Because of its dietary effects, crude fibre is an important ingredient of the feed pigs receive. Crude fibre levels of 3.5 to 4.5 percent in the feed for finishing pigs (approximate value) at a DM content of 88 percent improve animal health and well-being. This is not a new finding. However, it often proves difficult to provide cost-efficient feed which has the required protein content and energy density but also the optimum crude fibre content.

With the PEF system, Big Dutchman now offers customers the possibility to feed finishing pigs recipes with a silage maize level of up to 15 percent when using a liquid feeding system.

PEF System

Cell disruption of maize silage with the PEF System

Advantages at a glance:

Feed with high crude fibre contents strengthens the gastrointestinal tract → healthy intestinal flora, calmer animals.

Reduced development of E. coli bacteria.

Less antibiotics required.

Maize silage is a very cost-efficient feed with a better land use than grain maize or CCM.

The PEF system can be retrofitted (for any liquid feeding system).

Low maintenance requirements.

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