CompoTower Fermenter

CompoTower Fermenter

Vertically enclosed high-quality fermenter for manure and separated slurry

CompoTower is a vertically, enclosed high-quality fermentation system which evaporates the moisture in manure and slurry through a high-temperature fermentation process. The CompoTower process transfers organic waste into a high-quality compost which is applicable as high-value fertilizer for different plants and crops.

The aerobic fermentation method results in a final product which is germ-free and allows easy control of exhaust air and odour. The stand-alone CompoTower has minimum space requirements, thus giving the user great flexibility in farm layout design.

Advantages at a glance:

Continuous working process.

Reduced operation time.

Compact design with a high intake capacity.

Enclosed system leads to minimal odour and dust.

Stable and rugged construction.

Use of high-quality, durable and long-lasting components;.

Outdoor installation that requires little space.

Stainless steel loading bucket.

Heat insulated tank with inner lining made of stainless steel.

Optional air cleaning system can be integrated.

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