Continuous Dryers

Continuous Dryers

Continuous Dryers are used for the uniform drying of grain, maize, oil seeds and legumes, rice, etc. After filling the plant with moist product external air is drawn in by axial fans and heated in the warm air shaft. The heated air passes into the air distribution unit of the drying shaft. Extraction of moisture by the flowing through of the product. The saturated air passes out of the plant via exhaust hoods. On reaching the final moisture content the dried product is released in batches by a discharge unit and transported away by conveyors.

Advantages at a glance:

Dryer capacities of 0.5 to 150 t/h.

Optimum energy use through heat recovery.

Long operational life and uniform and blockage-free through-flow due to corrosion free light metal alloys.

Warm air generator with high efficiency and power up 2800 kW.

Under and over drying are avoided by the use of moisture content controls.

Insulation of the warm air sections against heat loss.

Problem-free extraction of high and low grain moisture.

Uniform drying with very good energy utilisation.

Special equipment.

Multiple graded warm air temperature zones.

Heat recovery equipment.

Reduction of exhaust air noise through the installation of exhaust silencers.

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