MC 99 Control Computer are used for the complete control of a milling and mixing plant. In the process the individual raw components are fed one after another completely automatically into the weighed mixer. It is possible to select whether a component should be milled or fed straight into the mixer. In addition components can also be put into the mixer by hand. The finished mixture is then fully automatically emptied into the relevant finished product silo. In general there are three possible ways of starting a mixing process: automatically at a specified time, manually at a preferred time or via a sensor in the finished product silo. The weight of the raw materials delivered must be manually entered into the MC 99.

Advantages at a glance:

Specification of nutritional values in kJ/kg.

Statement of raw material consumption.

Statement of the cost of a mixture.

Storage of up to 99 mixtures.

Up to three parallel weighing systems.

Information on maintenance work component x after x hours.

Visualisation of the process sequence.

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