Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

For ideal temperatures in your pig house.

In addition to feed and water supply, ideal climate conditions play an increasingly important role in achieving economic success in modern pig production. A computer-controlled climate system is more than just controlling fresh and exhaust air, however.

Maintaining ideal temperatures even on hot summer days is also very important. Big Dutchman has several cooling system available to achieve this:

  • CombiCool
  • RainMaker


Cooling Systems

Advantages at a glance:

The efficient high-pressure fogging system.

CombiCool is a system designed to cool, humidify and wet pigs, especially in compartmentalised houses. The special high-pressure nozzles made of stainless steel have very low flow rates, but extremely high passage speeds. They thus create a very fine aerosol fog that is distributed evenly all over the compart­ment. The warm air in the compartment immediately absorbs the humidity, thus creating a comfortable temperature.

Furthermore, CombiCool can be used to humidify the air throughout the whole year to provide optimum humidity levels.

Efficient in-house cooling, especially on hot summer days, to maintain the comfort temperature.

Humidification of the house air throughout the whole year to provide ideal humidity levels at all times.

Dust binding increases the pigs’ well-being and has a positive influence on their respiratory tract.

Aerosols, e.g. aromatics, can be applied and evenly distributed.

All components inside the barn are made of stainless steel for a long service life.


Advantages at a glance:

The centralised cooling system consisting of top profile, pad retainer and water reservoir.

RainMaker is a cooling system which is mainly used in climatic regions with hot and dry summers. It is based on the principle of evaporation. The higher the temperature and the lower the relative humidity, the higher the cooling effect.

Apart from traditional cellulose pads, we also recommend using plastic pads. Plastic pads can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and have a much longer service life.

Efficient in-house cooling system based on the principle of evaporation.

The new top profile is designed as an open system so that the water supply is visible and no rodents or other animals can use the profile as nesting place.

Significantly longer service life when using plastic pads.

The water reservoir is integrated into the frame system, making an additional water tank superfluous.

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