Drinking Systems

Drinking Systems

For sows, piglets and finishing pigs.

To achieve optimum performance from the pigs, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water. Thus, a sufficient amount of clean water within easy reach of the pigs is essential.

Big Dutchman satisfies all of these requirements in an ideal way by offering a wide range of different drinking systems, including accessories, for sows, piglet rearing and finishing pigs. Our product range includes:

  • nipple drinkers
  • drinking bowls
  • water connection units
  • medicators
  • fixed soaking/cleaning systems

Nipple drinkers

Advantages at a glance:

Innovative and comfortable for sow and piglets.

Nipple drinkers are a cost-effective solution for clean drinking water and reduce contamination. To minimize water losses, the right height is important. When drinking, the pig’s head should be inclined upwards so that the water flows directly into the pig’s mouth. This is why the nipples are placed at different heights in piglet rearing and finishing.

To meet the different market demands, Big Dutchman has included a variety of nipple drinkers and the corresponding tubes in its product range. Among these are:

High-pressure nipples for sows.

High- and low-pressure nipples for piglets.

High- and low-pressure nipples for growing and final finishing.

Vacuum trough floating tubes.

Optionally available are drink­ing tubes with guard, which may also be retrofitted. The guard keeps the pigs from getting hurt at the nipple drinker, for example when moving out ready-for-slaughter finishing pigs.

Drinking bowls

Advantages at a glance:

Minimal water loss, easy to use.

Drinking bowls are accepted very well by the animals. When they are drinking, the head disappears in the bowl due to the lateral collar. This also significantly reduces water losses.

Drinking bowls are especially appropriate for suckling pigs, as the pigs can see the water and therefore readily accept this drinker. When placed low enough in the farrowing pen, special drinking bowls can be used by both sow and piglets.

Drinking bowls made of stainless steel for suckling pigs;

Drinking bowls made of stainless steel for piglet rearing;

Drinking bowls made of stainless steel for finishing pigs;

Drinking bowls made of enamelled cast iron for use by both sows and piglets in farrowing pens.

Water connection unit

Drinking Systems

Advantages at a glance:

Very flexible, custom-made delivery.

Today, a complete drinking system comes not only with the actual drinker, but increasingly with a water connec­tion unit.

This unit is installed between the main water supply and the house water line and is characterised by the following advantages.

Compact design for a problem-free installation even in small service rooms or the feed kitchen.

Easy to assemble and to extend.

All connecting elements are made of PVC for optimum corrosion protection.

The water connection unit can consist of different modules to be combined according to your needs.


Drinking Systems

Advantages at a glance:

For precise metering of medicines via the drinking water.

The medicator dispenses the correct amount of vitamins and medicines into the drinking water. The amount to be dispensed can be adjusted precisely as the compounds are admitted to the drinking system proportionally to the actual water consumption.

The respective compound and the water are mixed at the homogeniser outlet. Thus, the motor does not come into contact with the medications used, i.e. no blockages occur, longer service life.

Precise dispensing for all flow rates.

High dosing range.

High flow rates.

Long service life and high operational safety due to the use of high-quality materials (low sensitivity to a broad range chemicals) when cleaned regularly.

Selective spare part kits for rapid replacement of worn parts.

Mixing tank for medicines

Drinking Systems

Advantages at a glance:

Liquid medicines are extracted directly from their original packaging. In case of pulverised or viscous materials, a medicine mixing tank with a rotary vane pump (60, 180 or 210 l) should be used.

If the water supply inside the house is designed as a circular system, it is possible to install a mixing tank with a circulation pump. Additive and water are then immediately mixed with the correct mixing ratio in the water tank (750, 1000 or 2000 l) and then pumped directly into the house.

Fixed soaking/cleaning system for professional house cleaning

Drinking Systems

Advantages at a glance:

The soaking aid with control unit offered by Big Dutchman simplifies the cleaning process and significantly reduces the cleaning time after each grow-out, thus saving time.

Furthermore, the amount of water later required for high-pressure cleaning is less. Spraying and pause intervals of the soaking nozzles can be adjusted individually (depending on the degree of contamination) by means of control via an electric solenoid valve installed inside the main water supply.

Thanks to the flexible suspension system, damage caused by the water jet of the high-pressure cleaner can be prevented.The system can easily be adjusted to the house dimensions.

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