Drum Cleaner T1

Drum Cleaner T1

Cleaning of crops before milling.

[Only from Big Dutchman Skandivien]

The Drum Cleaner T1 for cleaning of grain prior to milling consists of an inlet for uncleaned grain and three outlets for stones, sand and the cleaned grain. The Drum Cleaner T1 is constructed based on the drum cleaner principle in order to provide effective cleaning with fairly simple machinery.

The drum cleaner contains a center screen and an outer screen. The grain passes through the center screen, which removes stones and other large foreign objects. Next, the outer screen removes sand, weed seeds etc. After the final cleaning stage, the grain is discharged from the cleaner, e.g. into a mill.

Advantages at a glance:

Low operating costs.

No movable wearing parts.

Good cleaning effect, which leads to healthier animals.

High capacity (6 tons/h).

Minimal space requirements.

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