Drum Cleaner T80/100

Drum Cleaner T80/100

Cleaning of crops with a high capacity.

[Only from Big Dutchman Skandinavien]

The Drum Cleaner T80/100 for cleaning of crops is often integrated as a cleaning module in the intake system of the granary.

The drum cleaner consists of a housing with an inlet on which a separator and a cyclone are mounted to separate dust and other light particles. A two-layer drum removes sand and coarse particles. Underneath the drum cleaner, a screw conveyor collects the dirt.

The Drum Cleaner T80/100 can be integrated as part of the grain storage facility or the milling plant.

Advantages at a glance:

Good cleaning effect: efficiently removes stones, sand, twigs, straws etc.

High capacity (100 tons/h).

Moveable: can easily be moved between silos and used in the milling plant after harvesting.

Simple design with few moving parts, which keeps maintenance costs at a minimum.

Inner screen openings of 13 x 55 mm.

Outer screen openings of 1.5 x 20 mm.

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