DryExact Pro Dry Feeding System

DryExact Pro Dry Feeding System


Weight-based feed dispensing.

The DryExactpro system works with a weighed mixer that has a capacity of 70 litres. This makes it possible to supply an individual feed mix to every valve with a very high mixing quality and accuracy. Of course, the system also permits multi-phase feeding at each individual valve.

As an option, DryExactpro can also be upgraded to operate as sensor-controlled feeding system. In this case, each hopper is equipped with a sensor that informs the computer of any empty hopper when feeding starts.

Advantages at a glance:

Individual recipes for each valve.

Every feed valve allows multi-phase feeding to feed pigs based on their age and to save on feed costs.

Can be upgraded to become a sensor feeding system.

Individual solutions for each specific case and farm.

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