EcoMatic Pro Dry Feeding System

EcoMatic Pro Dry Feeding System

Volume-based dispensing of feed.

EcoMatic Pro supplies the individual feed components based on volume, which means that no mixer is required. A frequency-controlled auger is situated in the feed hopper under each silo and dispenses the required amounts of the individual components into the DryRapid conveying pipe. The components are then mixed to create the correct recipe. With the next step, the feed mix is dispensed in portions by the valves.

This computer-controlled dry feeding system operates without a distribution unit and without a feed kitchen and is therefore simple and economic. The individual components have to be metered only once.

Advantages at a glance:

Fast transport system, especially for a large number of livestock.

Multi-phase feeding can be realised easily to allow age-based feeding and to save on feed costs.

Can be upgraded to become a sensor feeding system.

Cost-effective solution.

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