Farrowing Area

Farrowing Area

With farrowing crate, plastic flooring, piglet nest and heated resting area.

Farrowing pens have to provide ideal conditions both for the sow and for the piglets during their first weeks of life. For this purpose, Big Dutchman has a wide range of products available. The penning system is very flexible and since it does not depend on length measures, it is possible to create any desired pen shape. The partition of the pen can have a height of 500 or 600 mm.

The plastic flooring ensures good manure penetration and does not have any sharp corners or edges. It can be cleaned easily and can be combined with solid plates, cast iron slats and heating plates for the piglets. Depending on the housing concept, the crates can be arranged straight or diagonally.

Farrowing Area

Advantages at a glance:

All farrowing crates can be adjusted in width and length.

Designed either with door or to allow for complete opening.

Fixed or adjustable keep-off rods prevent piglet losses caused by crushing and provide the sow with a comfortable resting area.

Self-supporting farrowing crate or 4-foot crate for optimum stability.

Low pen partitions in the area of the inspection aisle → for easy monitoring and a better overview.

Includes tiltable trough for thorough and easy cleaning (optional).

BD free-movement pen

Farrowing Area

Advantages at a glance:

To fulfil special requirements regarding animal welfare, the farrowing pen is also available as free-movement pen. It includes a maternity bed for the sow, a piglet nest/heated resting area, flooring and the pen partition.

The maternity bed can be closed shortly before the expected farrowing date and during farrowing, which lowers the risk of piglets being crushed. This allows the farm staff to remain up-to-date with the farrowing and ensure the piglets‘ protection. The maternity bed is opened after farrowing to provide ample room of movement for the sow.

Minimum pen dimensions 2 x 2.6 m → 2.5 m² space for the sow.

Removable 4-leg maternity bed provides ample freedom of movement for the sow → animal-friendly housing.

Restraining of the sow close to the due date reduces the risk of piglet losses.

Specially designed door of the maternity bed allows the farm staff to provide easy assistance during farrowing.

Well thought-out design → easy to open and to close.

Side part of the maternity bed also acts as sudden-descent restrainer → piglet protection.

Piglet nest can be positioned close to the sow‘s head → better eye contact between the sow and the piglets.

Floor system can be laid out flexibly.

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