GRP Outdoor Silos

GRP Outdoor Silos

GRP outdoor silos are used for the storage of bulk materials such as for example, grain, flour or pellets in the open air. The silos are made out of high-class fibreglass. They are light, tight and offer high mechanical resistance. By using high-quality materials the silos have a very long lifetime. The outdoor silos will be filled pneumatically with an included pneumatic pipe or alternatively mechanically with an elevator or an auger. At the outlet of the silo further conveying technique can easily be flanged. To save transport costs, the GRP outdoor silos consist of several segments, which can be loaded place-saving.

GRP Outdoor Silos

Advantages at a glance:

The smooth plastic walls ensure optimum hygiene and emptying of the silo.

Connection with existing conveying technique is possible.

Long lifetime through high-quality materials.

Filling adjusted individually, mechanically or pneumatically.

Large selection of silos.

Gel-coating for particularly difficult flowing materials.

Integrated venting.

View bar for level control.

All steel components galvanised.

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