Hoppers are a dispensing hopper which are used for the storage and dispensing of small amounts of dry minerals, pre-mixes and other feed additives. The hopper is available as Type T100 and T160. The discharge from the hopper is made either via a 75 helix or a 100 tube auger. Above all mineral mixtures with high-fat content can be better conveyed with a tube auger. The angle of the tube auger can be set variably from 0? to 60?. With a spiral a capacity of 1.1 t/h is achieved, with a tube auger, depending upon the pitch, between 3.9 and 7.3 t/h. A safety grid is included in the scope of supply. Hoppers with agitators are especially well suited for light, slow-flowing and difficult to discharge bulk materials such as fish meal etc., due to the floor-mounted agitator which pushes the bulk material into the screw chutes.


Advantages at a glance:

Due to the two vertical sides and an open screw conveyor throughout the entire length of the dispensing hopper, the risk of blockages is very low.

Available galvanised or in stainless steel depending upon the aggressiveness of the material.

Additional equipment: Cover, grate for Big Bags, extension for T100 and T160.

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