HydroMix Liquid Feeding System

HydroMix Liquid Feeding System

The computer-controlled liquid feeding system for profitable pig production.

The Big Dutchman feeding system HydroMix is an extremely flexible modular system to provide sows, piglets and finishing pigs with liquid feed. Every HydroMix system is matched to the number of livestock to be supplied and to the building conditions on the farm. HydroMix is particularly recommended if low-cost feed ingredients such as whey, by-products from the food industry, CCM or maize silage are to be fed.

HydroMix stands for a clever and reliable technology for fully-automated feeding of sows, piglets and finishing pigs for any size of production. To be able to meet our customers’ demands at any time, our engineers are constantly enhancing the system. We can therefore offer several different system concepts under the name HydroMix.

Advantages at a glance:

Preparation of individual recipes from different ingredients → high daily weight gains at low feeding costs.

Computer-controlled farm and feeding management → saves time and operates very reliably.

Extensive hygiene package → minimal germ count, healthy animals.

High metering precision at every feed valve.

Reliable feed transport even over long distances.

Modular and therefore extremely flexible system for small as well as large production units → cost-efficient expansion is possible.

Equally suited for individual and group feeding.

Low operating costs, long service life.

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