iDOL 120 feel-good sensor

iDOL 120 feel-good sensor

The innovative feel-good sensor for broiler growing in houses with tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation

The innovative feel-good sensor iDOL 120 is the world’s first sensor that measures the temperature perceived by the broilers in the barn. It is especially well-suited for houses with tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation. Every broiler producer knows that barns need to be ventilated well so birds can be cooled down on hot days using the windchill.

Advantages at a glance:

iDOL 120 measures the temperature perceived by the birds, thus providing the basis for ideal climate conditions.

Optimal conditions for growth.

Better feed conversion.

Reduced mortality.

Higher productivity.

More security for you as a producer, because you know that your birds are comfortable.

Optimal climate control in any weather in combination with the ViperTouch climate computer, which also considers the birds’ age.

Easy installation.

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