Individual Feeding in the Farrowing House with Easy Slider

Individual Feeding in the Farrowing House with Easy Slider

The sows decide when and how much they want to eat.

EasySlider is a computer-controlled dosing device for farrowing pens mounted underneath the volume dispenser. The sow can thus choose for herself when and how much she wants to eat. She only has to actuate a pendulum inside the feed pipe and a portion is dispensed if she is entitled to receive feed. After a defined eating time, she can demand the next portion.

With the BigFarmNet control system, an individual feed curve can be set for each sow. Moreover, up to five eating times can be programmed. Meals can thus be distributed over the day, which has a positive effect on digestion and lactation.


Advantages at a glance:

Individual feeding in the farrowing pen → virtually no old feed remains in the trough, few feed losses.

The sow decides when to eat → suckling pig losses are prevented.

The feed in the trough is always fresh → improved hygiene.

The system operates very quietly → no stress for sows and piglets.

The requested feed quantity per sow and day can be set and checked via BigFarmNet → good overview and control of each sow‘s eating behaviour, health monitoring is possible.

Dosing unit can be removed and feed pipe is open at the upper end → low maintenance requirements, thorough cleaning and thus good hygienic conditions.

The entire system is controlled by BigFarmNet.

Very good price/performance ratio.

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