Level-controlled agitator

Level-controlled agitator

Automatically adjusts its position to the filling level in the liquid feed mixing tank.

This agitator, newly developed by Big Dutchman, constantly adjusts its position to the filling level in the mixing tank for liquid feeding. A really good mix of all ingredients of a recipe is essential to ensure that all pigs receive the nutrients required for a good performance. Whether the feed quantities are small or large, the level-controlled agitator guarantees that all feed components are ideally mixed in the mixing tank. This is important:

  • for sensor feeding, as the feed quantities are continuously adapted to the pigs’ demand for this type of feeding;
  • for groups of different sizes which have to be supplied with different recipes.

A further advantage is that hygiene inside the tank is improved because very little liquid hits the walls, particularly if there is only a small quantity of feed in the tank.

Advantages at a glance:

All components of the feed are mixed ideally, irrespective of the filling level.

A constantly homogeneous mixture leaves the mixing tank.

A homogeneous mixture inside the mixing tank is an important prerequisite for exact metering of the feed at the individual feed valves.

Both metering quality and precision are increased.

Hygiene in the tank is improved thanks to less liquid hitting the walls if small quantities are to be mixed.

The agitator can be retrofitted into existing Big Dutchman liquid feeding systems.

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