MagixX-P+ exhaust air cleaning system

MagixX-P+ exhaust air cleaning system

Three-stage chemical-biological exhaust air treatment system.

MagixX-P+ has been certified by the DLG (test report no. 6224) and is listed under the Dutch BWL number 2006.15.V3. The washer achieved the following separation rates:

  • up to 87 % of ammonia
  • up to 94 % of total dust
  • up to 90 % PM 10 (< 10 μm)
  • up to 97 % PM 2.5 (< 2.5 μm)
  • odour concentration in the clean gas ≤ 300 OU/m³
  • no untreated

MagixX-P+ exhaust air cleaning system

Advantages at a glance:

Permanently high separation rates.

Good buffering qualities due to the large water store of the basin.

Very little water consumption.

Stable packing made of high-quality plastic material.

High operational reliability.

Easy-to-understand process monitoring.

Low pH value of < 4 for higher absorptive properties of NH3.

Advantages of IUS-P‘s modular design also apply for MagixX-P+.

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