MalePan feed pan

MalePan feed pan

Separate male feeding with MalePan.

The correct feeding of males is very important for a high fertility rate and good chick quality. Separately feeding males guarantees that all males receive the specified amount of feed. To ensure that all males are provided with a balanced amount of nutrients, it is also possible to use special feed recipes.

A conveying tube with auger (Augermatic) transports the feed to the pans. The feed lines are raised until the hens cannot reach the pans.

Advantages at a glance:

MalePan (Ø 330 mm).

5-arm grill.

Ideal for 5 to 9 males.

With or without feed shut-off.

Fixed, stable connection to the pipe.

MalePan Plus (Ø 330 mm).

With sectional dish.

Volume reducer inside the pan → rapid, simultaneous and even filling of all pans.

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