Manure Pit Systems (Organic, barn and free-range egg production)

Manure Pit Systems (Organic, barn and free-range egg production)

Whichever type of alternative layer management you select; we have the right product for you!

Good housing equipment must consist of carefully considered and coordinated individual components: feed and water supply, nests, perches, manure removal and climate control systems. This is a central prerequisite for healthy hens and a high laying performance.

Manure Pit

Manure Pit Systems (Organic, barn and free-range egg production)

Advantages at a glance:

Our modern manure pit systems are very animal-friendly and easy to monitor, and they can be fitted into the majority of barns.

To improve hygiene inside the house, part of the house should be used as a manure pit and equipped with slats. With both drinker and feed lines located above the manure pit, this is also the area where the majority of the droppings is deposited.

All manure is stored in the manure pit for the entire laying phase. After the batch, the manure pit is dismantled so the manure can be removed from the house.

Colony 2+ group laying nest

Manure Pit Systems (Organic, barn and free-range egg production)

Advantages at a glance:

Well accepted by the hens, excellent egg quality.

The correct laying nest plays an important role when looking for economic success. Reducing the number of misplaced, dirty and cracked eggs is crucial for this goal. Depending on the house layout, Big Dutchman nests are available with one or two tiers and as wall or double nests

Short rolling-off distances for the eggs → excellent egg quality → smooth transfer to the egg belt.

Clever nest design with folding roof → easy nest inspection → easy cleaning → no hidden corners for mites.

Divided, tilting nest floor → eggs left in the nest automatically roll off towards the egg belt when the nest closes.

The tilting floor closes the nest after the laying period → dirt of the day drops off the nest insert → the nest remains clean → low percentage of dirty eggs.

Nest depth of 53 cm → 153 hens per tier in wall nests → 305 hens per tier in double nests.

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