Milling and Mixing Systems

Milling and Mixing Systems

The trend towards using home-grown cereals for the production of mixed feed is increasing. The farmer is able to produce individual feed mixes of known quality, saves transport costs, and increases flexibility. Big Dutchman’s complete range of milling and mixing systems for the production of feed mixes comprises drum cleaners, hammer mills, filters, dry mixers, silos and hoppers. The control and monitoring of your milling and mixing system comes courtesy of BigFarmNet. It unites all applications of your farm in one software and one database.

Milling and Mixing Systems

Advantages at a glance:

Drum cleaners clean any type of crop before milling.

Hammer mills offer a high capacity.

Filters reduce moisture and dust.

Choose from diagonal or horizontal dry mixers.

Silos for both indoor and outdoor use.

Silos in different sizes for grain storage, storage of additional ingredients, and of the finished mixed feed.

Containers for premixes and micro ingredients.

Project planning is based on a thorough review of needs. Every customer receives a custom-designed solution adapted to the individual requirements of the farm.

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