Multipan 395 Feed Pan

Multipan 395 Feed Pan

The versatile feed pan for the successful rearing of ducks and turkeys and for duck finishing.

MultiPan 395 is a feed pan offered by Big Dutchman for the rearing of ducks and turkeys and for duck finishing. The following characteristics are important in a pan:

  • easy access to feed at any age;
  • little feed wastage;
  • simple and thorough cleaning.

The correct combination of MultiPan 395 components meets these requirements in an ideal manner.

Multipan 395 Feed Pan

Advantages at a glance:

Large number of feeding places thanks to a diameter of 395 mm.

Easy monitoring of the feed flow through the transparent cone.

Continuous adjustment of the feed level.

Easy switching of individual components due to the modular design.

The special pan design prevents feed clumps so the feed is always fresh.

The pan is made of a high-quality and UV-resistant plastic material to ensure a long service life.

The pan can be cleaned thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner.

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