NATURA Step Aviary system (barn, free-range and organic egg production)

NATURA Step Aviary system (barn, free-range and organic egg production)

The modern aviary system for barn, free-range and organic egg production

Big Dutchman has more than 30 years of experience with aviary systems – an advantage that we use for our customers’ benefit. NATURA is a management system that is focused on the welfare of the birds, without disregarding functionality and efficiency, which are very important to egg producers.

Our goal as a developer of egg production systems is designing a system whose functional structure is easy to understand for the layers, in which they can exhibit their natural behaviours and where they stay healthy and can lay their eggs under hygienic conditions

Advantages at a glance:

Both the staff and the birds can easily access the aviary, nest inspection is made simple.

Tiers of different widths create a stepped design in which all three levels are easy to reach, especially the integrated nest level.

Nipple drinkers directly in front of the nest increase nest acceptance.

The separate nest level has a double nest and a central egg belt.

The required nest surface area can be adjusted to meet the stocking density due to the combination of sections with nest and sections with passage.

A large usable area ensures good utilisation of the house surface.

System eggs can be collected by an automatic system (optional).

The nest curtain and the back wall can be removed for thorough cleaning.

Two manure belt levels guarantee that most of the manure is transported out of the barn, decreasing the ammonia content in the air and improving hygienic conditions.

Even as a single row, the aviary is fully functional.

The entire house floor surface is used as a scratching area.

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