Nest and Manure Pit

Nest and Manure Pit

With Relax, Colony 2+, NXB and a hand gathering nest, we can provide the ideal nest for any need.The following require­ments should be considered:

  • high nest acceptance;
  • high hygienic standard;
  • short rolling-off distances and gentle transport of the eggs;
  • easy nest and egg belt control;
  • hens have to be prevented from sleeping or brooding inside the nest.

The corresponding manure pit with plastic slats improves hygiene in the house as a large percentage of the droppings is produced and stored here.


Nest and Manure Pit

Advantages at a glance:

The group laying nest with divided roof and nest locking mechanism.

Relax is a group laying nest which has been newly developed by Big Dutchman especially for broiler breeders. The back wall automatically closes the nest after the laying period. This ensures that the nest remains clean and that the hens do not brood there. The almost screwless snap-on system allows for quick and easy assembly.

Use of high-quality materials, perforated nest insert made of plastic → high nest acceptance.

Nest depth of 47 cm → eggs have a short rolling-off distance.

Clever, wood-free nest design → for optimal hygiene and cleaning.

Divided and very light nest roof → for optimal monitoring of nest and egg belt.

Solid nest legs made of plastic → no danger of corrosion.

Egg channel is available in two widths: 400 or 500 mm or with divided egg belt (2 x 200 mm).

Colony 2+

Nest and Manure Pit

Advantages at a glance:

The group laying nest with tilting floor.

Colony 2+ is a nest also suitable for broiler breeders and characterised by its divided tilting floor. Before the nest is closed at night, all eggs can roll off backwards onto the egg belt. This prevents eggs from remaining in the nest and locks out hens trying to sleep in the nest. Moreover, the daily dust drops off the nest insert, increasing nest hygiene.

Use of high-quality materials, perforated nest insert made of plastic → high nest acceptance.

Tilting nest floor closes the nest for the night → the daily dirt drops off the nest insert while the nest itself remains clean.

Nest depth of 53 cm.

Clever, wood-free nest design → for optimum hygiene and cleaning.

Hinged roof of nest → for optimal monitoring of nest and egg belt.

Width of the egg channel: 500 mm.

Available as wall nest or double nest.


Nest and Manure Pit

Advantages at a glance:

The automatic single laying nest with locking mechanism.

NXB is a single laying nest for broiler breeders. Each hen can use a separate nest hole to lay her eggs without being disturbed. The partitions between the holes are made of plastic and can be opened subsequently. The perforated nest insert is self-cleaning and easy to assemble and disassemble.

The nest roof is made of metal and allows for easy access to the egg belt for monitoring purposes. A locking tube closes all nest holes for the night, ensuring that the hens cannot brood inside the nest.

Automatic single laying nest with 10, 9 or 8 nest holes per side.

Perforated nest inserts made of plastic → high nest acceptance.

NXB is available in three different widths → suitable for all breeds.

Roof can be opened easily → for optimal egg belt inspection.

Nest floor and substructure are zinc aluminium coated → high protection against corrosion.

Nest can be winched up by a central suspension system for servicing between batches → thorough cleaning.

Manure pit with plastic slats

Nest and Manure Pit

Advantages at a glance:

Flexible setting up, an option for each house type.

To improve the hygiene inside the house, part of the house should be used as manure pit and equipped with slats (where possible made of plastic). While the birds are inside the house, droppings can be stored and removed after each batch.

The correct design (width and height) of the manure pit is especially important to make sure that the hens can easily reach the nest when they leave the litter area via the manure pit.

The plastic slat especially developed by Big Dutchman has the following advantages:

→ comfortable and soft, anti-slip

→ secure foothold for the birds, fertilisation is possible

→ healthy feet

→ no sharp edges or corners

→ no danger of injury

→ no chest bruises

→ integrated perch in the shape of a double bar → maximum comfort when sitting

→ very small surface, similar to wire flooring

→ optimum manure penetration

→ slats stay clean throughout the batch

→ no contact surface between the slats

→ prevention of hotbeds for mites and other vermin

→ simple and thorough cleaning

→ quick and easy assembly

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