OptiPlate Steel Plate Drying System

OptiPlate Steel Plate Drying System

Optimal drying of manure, compact design, installation at gable possible

OptiPlate is a highly-efficient steel plate drying system with a compact design. It dries fresh poultry manure from aviaries and cage systems to a dry matter content of up to 85 per cent. OptiPlate is available for 20.000 to 240.000 layers and with one to six tiers. Each tier consists of two perforated steel plate levels (2000 wide x 317 mm long, hole diameter 5 mm, optionally available in stainless steel). The layer of substrate on these levels may be up to 20 cm thick.

A manure rake in the upper tier loosens the manure layer and thus also improves the drying effect. As an option, the drive unit can be equipped with a chopper, which can be placed variably between the tiers. Similar to OptiSec, this chopper consists of a quickly rotating shaft with chain links. These chain links break up any manure chunks before they are fully dried, which makes for considerably more uniform manure drying.

Advantages at a glance:

Large drying capacity per square meter of surface.

Compact, modular design with a high intake capacity.

Perforated steel plates allow for a layer height of the fresh manure of up to 20 cm.

Very stable, rugged technology.

Can also be installed at the gable side in case of tunnel ventilation.

Easy to maintain.

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