OptiSec Manure Drying Tunnel

OptiSec Manure Drying Tunnel

Optimal drying of manure, high capacity, cost-efficient solution

OptiSec is a manure drying tunnel from Big Dutchman that was developed for optimal and efficient drying of fresh or pre-dried manure from layer houses (up to a dry matter content of 85 per cent).

OptiSec is available for 20.000 to 300.000 layers, has four to 18 tiers and is characterised by its large intake capacity, which is achieved thanks to a variable length of up to 60 m, a large belt width of 1.78 m and a substrate layer that is approx. 10 cm thick.

Advantages at a glance:

High intake capacity due to wide belts.

Or 20,000 to 300,000 bird places.

Filling station is integrated into the top tier so no additional tier is required.

Very even distribution of the fresh manure on the belts leads to very uniform drying.

Manure belt drive has a special pressure unit for a good power transmission to the belt.

A patented roller bearer ensures circulation of the air and smooth running of the belts.

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