Pelleting equipment

Pelleting equipment

For pelleting of finished feed mixes. If the mixed feed is not to be supplied as meal but as pellets, Big Dutchman can also supply the respective technology.

Advantages at a glance:

The pelleting equipment comprises the actual pellet press which is preceded by a hopper for the meal-type feed. The feed is transported from the hopper to the conditioner by means of a frequency-regulated dosing auger. In the conditioner the feed is treated with hot steam to facilitate pressing and for better hygiene (by reducing salmonella and bacteriae). From there, the feed is transported to the actual press. The press itself is a rugged, low-maintenance ringdie press.

A cooler installed downstream ensures that the pellets can be stored stable and safe in a silo. The dimensioning of the pelleting equipment depends on different factors, among others this includes which type of ingredients are used and for which type of animal the feed is being produced.

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