Pig Production 2030

Pig Production 2030

Concept study

There is hardly any other industry in Germany and the EU which is influenced by consumer expectations, new legal regulations and the critical opinion of the public as livestock farming.

This is why it is of great importance to identify those trends out of today’s hustle and bustle that may be relevant to the future – and to think ahead with these in mind. While drawing up Big Dutchman’s concept study Pig Production 2030, this thought played an important role.

The basic idea of our concept? Free movement for pigs – through all stages of their life. The ambitious goal is a professional and profitable pig management without restriction of the pigs except for situations which call for the special protection of individual pigs. Furthermore, we aim effectively to strengthen groups of young pigs – as soon as possible and continually!

Pig Production 2030

Advantages at a glance:

The Pig House of the Future provides a practical basis for discussion and encourages the viewer to get actively involved in the further development of livestock farming. It is possible that some components of the concept house will never reach the market because they have simply not been practical.

But this is quite normal for a concept study: Ideas come to mind and are tried, further developed or dismissed. In the end, what counts is that we accept new challenges and take the lead and that we are the ones who define future topics. Get involved!

P.S.: This housing concept provides an exemplary house for a group of 60 animals. We believe that the whole system can just as well be used in a larger frame. Our first experiences with the test house look very promising!

Our leaflet fully informs you about our concept study “Pig Production 2030”.

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