Practical solutions for animal-friendly and sustainable pig production.

Is it possible to produce pigs profitably while still meeting their natural needs and minimising environmental pollution? Yes, it is! Big Dutchman PureLine products offer practical solutions that promote health, vitality and welfare of pigs, protect the environment and also make good economic sense.

As a pioneer of the development of pig housing equipment, we have created clever systems and products that farmers can use to focus on their animals’ welfare, to reduce emissions and to save energy.

Insemination and gestation area


Advantages at a glance:

Sow stall “BD”: integrated insemination door for easy insemination and pregnancy monitoring, good overview, very rugged design.

Electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems for pregnant sows kept in groups: Call-Innpro and CallMaticpro.

Group pens as simple and economic solutions.

Open runs can be combined with every management system

Farrowing area


Advantages at a glance:

Variable-restraint pen with farrowing frame: ideal conditions for sow and piglets during the first weeks after farrowing.

Free-movement pen: great freedom of movement at all times, a heated creep, short-term restraining of the sow.

Freedom farrowing: maximum freedom of movement for sow and piglets, including specially designed piglet protection solutions.

Piglet Area and Pig Finishing


Advantages at a glance:

Xaletto®, the new management system for piglet rearing and pig finishing in closed houses and on straw, is animal-friendly and good for the environment: there is no slurry to handle and all manure can be composted.

Finishing houses with straw bedding and open run: create additional incentives for movement and enrichment as well as different climate areas with health benefits.

Housing large groups with TriSortpro: the animalfriendly management and feeding system that offers great freedom of movement due to large groups.

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