RainMaker Pad Cooling System

RainMaker Pad Cooling System

The ideal cooling system for poultry houses in regions with hot and dry summers

RainMaker is a pad cooling system, developed by Big Dutchman, which features an innovative frame system. RainMaker is cha­rac­terised by its minimum installation requirements and is designed for simple supervision and maintenance. The cooling system works on the basis of evaporation and is therefore mainly used in climate regions with hot and dry summers. The higher the temperatures and the lower the relative humidity, the higher the resulting cooling effect.

The pads that are used consist of a special cellulose material with a large specific surface to ensure high cooling performance. A chemical impregnation protects the pads from atmospheric influence. Alternatively, there are also plastic pads available which are built for longer service life.

RainMaker Pad Cooling System

Advantages at a glance:

Core part of the new frame system is the top profile. The top profile is the complete upper part of the frame, made from one piece.

Designed as an open system, that means the water supply is always visible, there is no closed space available to serve as nesting place for rodents or other species.

The perforated pipe which is integrated into the top profile distributes water down the pads and is visible to the operator so that any dirt and obstructions in the holes can immediately be recognised.

A special deflector ensures that water is evenly spread along the pads to ensure an ideal wetting of the pads.

The deflector is connected to the top profile by means of a plastic hinge which can easily be folded up for maintenance purposes with no tools or any parts to remove.

The top profile is simply snapped into the pre-mounted wall brackets to allow for a simple assembly.

The pads can be released without much effort, thus they can easily be replaced.

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