ReproMatic & FluxxBreeder Feeding system

ReproMatic & FluxxBreeder Feeding system

The feeding system developed specifically for broiler breeders

ReproMatic is a Big Dutchman feeding system which was developed exclusively for broiler breeders and combines chain and pan feeding systems. The birds‘ uniform physical and sexual development during rearing and a high, long-lasting reproductive capability during the production phase are essential for broiler breeder management.

This can only be achieved with restricted feeding of both males and females. Feed must therefore be available in each pan as soon as feeding starts. For this reason, a high-capacity conveying system consisting of an open feed channel with chain is the system of choice.

The birds are fed at the FluxxBreeder feed pan. This feed pan was developed specifically for broiler breeders and has 16 feeding windows, thus providing sufficient room for every bird during feed intake.


ReproMatic & FluxxBreeder Feeding system

Advantages at a glance:

The feeding system for broiler breeders.

As the chain drive is always detached from the feed hopper, the feeding system can be easily adapted to any house situation.

High chain speed of 36 m/min.

Motor output of 1.1/1.5 or 2.2 kW, depending on the chain length.

The CHALLENGER feed chain conveys large quantities of feed at a very high conveying speed.

2 t/h conveying capacity.

High tensile strength.

Smooth chain operation within the channel.

Open system for easy maintenance.

Quality is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation. The specially-designed corner wheel is extremely reliable.

Fully hardened guide rail.

Lubrication-free bearing made of plastic for a long service life.

Wear-resistant bottom (Hardox 400).


Advantages at a glance:

The feed pan for rearing and production in day-old-to-death or separate rearing and production systems.

The main aim in rearing is for all hens of a flock to reach laying maturity at the same time. A uniform flock can only develop if all birds have a feeding space of sufficient width to feed simultaneously.

Moreover, pans must be filled immediately, at the same time and speed and to the same level. This is necessary so all birds of a flock receive the same amount of feed during restricted feeding.


360° flooding mechanism makes for a high feed level in the pan when the entire circuit is lowered to the floor, which is ideal for day-old chicks.

Simple and reliable, one-handed adjustment of the feed level in eleven steps by means of a 3-screw thread, i.e. the feed level cannot be readjusted accidentally.

Flat, sectioned pan dish for good distribution of feed in the pan and reduced feed wastage.

Integrated volume reducer allows for small feed rations in each pan and thus for fast and simultaneous filling of all pans in a circuit.


16 feeding windows per pan allow for a high stocking density.

Circular arrangement of hens around the pan → 60 percent more birds can be fed per running metre compared to a linear trough.

Special „female only“ FO grille allows for adjustment of eleven feeding windows, additional level ring for four feeding window height.

→ 44 setting options

→ ideally suited for all breeds

→ good access to feed for day-old chicks in day-old-to-death production

→ males have no access to the feed;

Ideal illumination of the pan due to openings in the pan top, making it easy for the hens to see the feed.

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