Service Centre

Service Centre

Service Centre.

With separate boar pen and sow stalls.

The service centre is the starting point for the production of healthy piglets. In order to achieve optimum boar performance, the sows have to be in top condition.

In addition, the room should be light and the boar should easily be able to stimulate the sows.

Service Centre

Advantages at a glance:

Sows in stalls can be monitored comfortably and controlled individually. There is no aggression during feeding. Artificial insemination can easily be carried out.

The BD stall is equipped with a P-door (available with a width of up to 750 mm). Both door parts can be opened individually to the outside and the inside, thus facilitating insemination. 360° rotating stainless steel feet make for easy mounting on the concrete slatted floor and provide corrosion protection. If a raised stainless steel trough is installed, the sows can rest their heads underneath the trough.

In addition, thorough cleaning is made much easier. If a boar-restraining door is used, the boar can be retained in the inspection aisle to stimulate the sows during insemination.

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