Silos, Spirals and Augers

Silos, Spirals and Augers

Feed storage and transport systems


Advantages at a glance:

The base for hygienic feed storage.

Big Dutchman offers high-quality silos for inside and outside use along with all the accessories required for hygienic feed storage. This includes:

  • silos made of galvanized sheet steel;
  • silos made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic;
  • inside silos made of Trevira fabric.

Select the right silo of the appropriate size from a wide range of different products. All systems can be filled pneumatically or by auger. The respective silo size depends on daily feed consumption and required storage time.

High-quality zinc-aluminium coating of all steel parts and use of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) for improved corrosion protection and a long service life.

Trouble-free feed discharge due to optimum degree of slope in the silo funnel.

Silo boot is either rigid or flexible, adjustable from 0° to 45° and ensures absolute operational safety.

Roof shape allows use of the entire volume of the silo.

GRP silos are transparent, therefore making it easy to check the feed level.

High functional reliability.

Augers and spirals for feed transport

Advantages at a glance:

With Big Dutchman conveying systems, your feed – be it meal, pellets or crumbles – passes from the silo into the house safely and without any loss of quality. We offer augers and spirals in a variety of sizes. For conveying capacities of up to 4.5 t/h, spirals are used.

For even higher capacities or pitches of up to 75°, an auger is the ideal option. In exceptional circumstances, even pitches of up to 90° can be carried out (max. length of auger in this case: 10 m).

Our FlexVey conveying spiral consists of high-quality and extremely flexible spring steel.

Feed can be transported into the house around bends of up to 90° safely, quickly and without being separated.

Good conveying capacity.

Completely closed conveying system.

Universal application.

Fast and easy assembly.

Can be driven by means of a V-belt motor or a gear motor.

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