Spin Feeder

Spin Feeder

For the rearing of healthy and vigorous broiler breeders

The spin feeder developed by Big Dutchman is a simple but very effective feeding system for the rearing of broiler breeders. It is very reliable and flexible with regard to installation possibilities (either suspended or in a standing position). The functional principle is incredibly simple: The feed is distributed very evenly on to the litter.

This requires the pullets actively to scratch in the litter to be able to consume the feed. Healthy and strong muscles and legs are the result, increasing the birds’ well-being.

Advantages at a glance:

Increased uniformity of the pullets as all birds eat at the same time.

Less stress and no crushing thanks to an even distribution of the birds during the feeding process.

Scratching leads to strong and healthy muscles and legs.

Improved litter quality and reduced ammonia load thanks to drier litter.

The spin feeders can be installed either in a suspended or standing position.

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