TriSort Pro Pig Sorting Scale

TriSort Pro Pig Sorting Scale

Automatic sorting scale for successful pig finishing.

With Big Dutchman‘s automatic sorting scale TriSortpro, finishing pigs kept in large groups – with an optimum number of 250 to 400 pigs per group – can be sorted based on their individual weight. Among other things, this helps to deter­mine the exact number and weight of ready-to-slaughter pigs, which in turn assists with the planning of the slaughter­ing date. The pigs delivered to the slaughter­house precisely match the slaughtering criteria; pigs weighing more or less than the required slaughtering weight are a thing of the past → increased overall yield and reduced feeding costs!

Another important field of use is partial finishing up to or starting at 60 kg (132 lb). These pigs‘ weight is also constantly monitored. The producer can utilize the house more efficiently. Thanks to the precise weight data, each feeding area can be supplied with an individual feed type (high- or low-energy). In addition, under- or overweight pigs can be marked with two different colours.

TriSort Pro Pig Sorting Scale

Advantages at a glance:

Permanent weight monitoring of all pigs → information about daily weight gains and thus the health of the pigs is available at any time.

Selection of under- or overweight pigs by means of colour marking.

Weight-adjusted feeding.

Ready-to-slaughter pigs can be selected easily and without stress before they are taken to the slaughterhouse.

Precise information about the number of pigs to be slaughtered and their weight → ideal selling time.

Less time required for loading of pigs.

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