The tube system for a homogeneous feed mix all the way to the trough.

The feed is transported from the mixing tank to the feed valve via acid-resistant plastic tubes (available in different diameters). The TwinSpin tube system, newly developed by Big Dutchman, transports the feed mixture all the way to the trough – without separation of the components. TwinSpin can be used in branch lines just as well as in ring lines and features an integrated double spiral.

Scientific tests have proved that the feed arrives at the feed trough in a quality as of yet unknown, ideally mixed for the pig. Using TwinSpin is recommended especially if:

  • the conveying distance is very long;
  • the recipes have a very low DM content;
  • the feed has a high solids to liquid ratio;
  • the ingredients have low water absorptive properties;
  • the metering rates and flow velocities are especially low, e.g. in farrowing houses.

Advantages at a glance:

Feed components remain mixed from the mixing tank all the way to the feed valve → stable dry matter content at every valve.

Improved metering precision thanks to a constantly uniform feed mixture.

No deposits caused by sedimentation → no clogging.

Deliberate turbulences inside the tube significantly improve hygiene.

Very little pressure loss.

Available in dark grey and as transparent versions and in two diameters: 50 and 63 mm.

TwinSpin can be retrofitted into existing liquid feeding systems.

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