ViperTouch Climate and production computer

ViperTouch Climate and production computer

The newest generation climate and production computer for poultry growing and breeders

ViperTouch is a climate computer that enables you to control the entire house environment according to state-of-the-art principles. The controller can be used for all established types of ventilation (natural, mechanical and combined). This includes side, cross, tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation. ViperTouch controls:

  • fresh air
  • exhaust air
  • heating
  • heat exchanger
  • cooling
  • emergency opening
  • alarms

ViperTouch is not only a state-of-the-art climate computer but also a very professional production computer. It records all important data regarding growth, feed and water consumption and mortality of your stock (broilers, turkeys, ducks). This enables you to react quickly to changes and to take the required action, which in turn will lead to better performance results and increase economic efficiency.

Advantages at a glance:

Climate and production computer developed specifically for poultry growing: broilers, turkeys, ducks and breeders.

Brilliantly simple operation via touch screen.

Freely selectable operating modes: Basic, Flex or Profi.

Extremely fast processor and memory.

Speaks 32 languages – including yours!

Customisable home screen.

Simple alarm management.

Compatible with the BigFarmNet Manager PC program and the BigFarmNet app.

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