Wall Fans

Wall Fans

High air performance and low energy consumption.

The wall fans offered by Big Dutchman are very versatile, due to the following characteristics:

  • high air performance
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance costs
  • corrosion resistance
  • rigidity

As Big Dutchman can offer a wide range of different fan types, the requirements of any house can be met, and fans can be selected to fit the respective ventilation concept. For cross and side ventilation, axial fans are often the best choice. For longitudinal ventilation in long barns and for tunnel ventilation, AirMaster fans are recommended.

Their air performance is larger, allowing them to draw air longitudinally and at a high speed through the house. CombiTunnel ventilation is best used in climate zones with large temperature fluctuations – summer/winter or day/night temperatures. If exhaust air is extracted via individual chimneys in the roof, AirMaster fans in the gable can be switched on for additional ventilation on hot summer days.

Axial fans

Advantages at a glance:

Excellent adjustability, low power consumption.

Axial fans are ideally suited for incorporation into walls. Their frame has an aerodynamic shape and is made of stable plastic or corrosion-resistant metal. The blades are made of aluminium in a moulded die casting process and are exceptionally efficient.

Big Dutchman offers so-called FC, FF and FN fans. The new generation (FF and FN fans) has serrated blades, imitating the wings of an owl during its silent flight (bionics). FF and FN fans therefore consume even less power; they are extremely resistant to pressure.

Excellent adjustability.

Low energy consumption, especially by the FF and FN fans.

Low noise level.

Quick and easy assembly.

High corrosion resistance.

Long service life.

AirMaster V130 and VC130

Advantages at a glance:

High air performance, low costs.

The AirMaster fans of the V130/VC130 series are usually mounted in the gable for tunnel ventilation. Their metal housing has a long-lasting zinc-aluminium coating. The specially shaped blades are made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Air guiderails on every blade ensure a large air capacity combined with a low resistance and thus low energy consumption. The air flow opens the shutters, which are then kept open by means of a balancing weight. When the fan stops, the shutters close automatically and are locked magnetically.

Fans with cone require even less power while also having a higher air performance. They need slightly more space in the gable.

Optimised aerodynamics at the air admission and air exit sides for a high air performance.

Specially shaped blades ensure optimum operation, thus reducing electricity costs.

Low noise level.

The air flow pressure opens the shutters, which stay open thanks to balancing weights, i.e. there is little air resistance.

Stable and robust design.

Easy to install.

AirMaster V140 and VC140

Wall Fans

Advantages at a glance:

Very high air performance, high stability.

The AirMaster V140 fans produce a high air flow rate where there is much resistance. They are therefore a good choice if the housing equipment in barns with tunnel ventilation causes high resistance, e.g. in houses with multi-tiered cage systems. An unobstructed air flow is not possible in such houses, unlike in broiler houses.The V140 meets the same exacting requirements regarding quality of the material, aerodynamics and workmanship as the V130. This includes, among other characteristics, that the fan is operated by a high-quality and powerful electric motor which is well-protected against dust.

The connection between hub and the six blades is very stable and ensures secure running of the fan, even at a negative pressure of 100 Pa or higher. The air flow opens the shutters, similar to the V130. The shutters are then kept open by means of a balancing weight. When the fan stops, the shutters close and are locked magnetically.

AirMaster Blue 170C

Wall Fans

Advantages at a glance:

High air performance, high energy efficiency.

Big Dutchman has developed the next generation of fans: AirMasterBlue 170C. AirMasterBlue 170C has four outstanding characteristics:

  • very high air performance
  • minimum energy consumption
  • optimised aerodynamic design
  • resistance against corrosion

High air performance and pressure resistance ensure that the fan is well-suited for tunnel ventilation in long houses.

Currently the most energy-efficient solution for ventilating livestock buil­- dings in combination with the Dynamic MultiStep exhaust air principle.

Extremely low noise level.

Motorised shutter closes the fan airtight.

An important emergency opening system can be connected.

Direct drive and a very stable connection between hub and blades for easy maintenance.

High-quality materials: the fan is made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel, preventing corrosion.

Protection rating IP 65.

Unassembled upon delivery for a low shipping volume and thus lower transport costs.

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