Xaletto Straw Bedding System

Xaletto Straw Bedding System

Our customers need pig equipment and pig feeding systems that reliably meet all requirements of their farm. Not a problem for us. We have a good solution for any farm, be it small or large, in every part of the world!

Xaletto is the economic management system for closed houses with straw bedding. Combined with a special welfare feed and efficient straw management that can be automated, but especially due to a new type of climate control, humidity is extracted continuously from the straw bedding in the barn. This causes an aerobic decomposition, i.e. cold composting below 40 degrees Celsius, that starts with the addition of an activator.

The straw layer thus remains very low, much less bedding is required in the barn, and water is removed from the straw that has been spread. Nitrogen and ammonia are bound, which means that they cannot be extracted and therefore do not enter the environment. Aerobic bacteria decompose the manure – no other barn works with this principle.

Xaletto Straw Bedding System

Xaletto Straw Bedding System

Advantages at a glance:


Animal welfare for the consumer and the animal

Perfect animal health

Animals root like never before, are very relaxed and do not need any toys

Suitable for undocked pigs


No slurry, all manure can be composted (final product can be transported, nutrients are organically bound)

The overall emission load is lower than in traditional management systems

No decay, no slurry smells

An exhaust air washer as the perfect addition is already going through the DLG certification process. After approval, Xaletto can be implemented anywhere

Xaletto is no more expensive than a traditional system when you consider all factors

A new Xaletto finishing place is 20 % less expensive than a new traditional finishing place

Farmers can save 50 percent of straw compared to the current recommendation of the Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL)

Xaletto is a comprehensive concept including consultation during practical operation

For new barns, retrofitting and renovations

Larger units are also no problem: straw management can be automated with a computer-controlled robot system

For piglet rearing and finishing

Permanently successful in practical tests with 6,000 animal places

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